Thursday, November 12, 2015

Participating and exhibiting at an International Wildlife Art Exhibition in Singapore;,, Mandala Fine Art...

My paintings are exhibited in Mandala Fine Art's International Wildlife Art exhibition held presently at Orchard Gateway, Singapore. Most of my paintings are in Basement 1 Lobby B, while the other exhibition stalls are in basement 2, Level 3 tube and level 2, 2-5 units. The exhibition is held until 15th November, 2015. I attended the exhibition on 6th November for the VIP opening and was there till 10th November. My family too joined me to make it a great trip !.
It was a great opportunity to meet all the great artists,,,- Leon van der Linden, Ute Bartels, Vishi Dharmasiriwardena, Stefano Zagaglia and many more.... Pleased to see the original artworks of Fernando G. Herrera, Rebecca Latham and many more. 36 international artists participating from 15 countries.......All are welcome !

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